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Published on 2 April 2020 at 16:19

IT'S FINALLY HERE! I'm so excited to share this new episode of my vlog series with all of you.

As you probably seen in one of my earlier vlogs, Evan and I travelled to Saudi Arabia to rehearse and finally perform inside a massive stadium. Something that has been on my bucket list all of my life! In this episode of Rebelle Vlog I'm taking you into the entire process, from rehearsal footage, costume fittings, firework testings and loads of craziness that lead up to the day of the show!

I've had the pleasure to be working with great people and a huge shoutout to Balich Worldwide Shows and JiveLive! for this amazing opportunity. It was an honour being part of this immense cerebration!!

A big big thanks to Anne Tournié and Leigh-Anne Vizer for their amazing choreographies and a massive thanks to their teams! Thank you to all the stage managers who had to deal with our craziness, your work is much appreciated!

And to all my new friends out there who made this such a fun and wonderful journey... I hope to see you soon and dance with you again! Stay tuned because there's more Saudi Arabia vlogs coming online very soon, with many more of my friends in there!

Every week a new vlog! BIG KISSES


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