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Published on 31 October 2019 at 18:41

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Vlog #3 that I shot in New York City back in June. It's been some time but I wanted to spread out my New York vlogs a little bit. In the course of 5 days I shot 4 different vlogs, so here's vlog #3.

Evan and I celebrated our 2 years of being together on top of World Trade Center One, me conquering my fear of Heights.

I love architecture and I love tall buildings but I'm Always so afraid at first, but after a while I can really enjoy the view... and what a view it was! Being on top of NYC was truly magnificent and I will never forget that.

After coming down from such height we walked downtown to the Brooklyn Bridge, crossing the bridge to Brooklyn to spectate the sunset over NYC, so beautiful.

We finished the day off with some dumplings at Chinatown and a quick stop at the immensely crowded Time Square.

Looking back at this I am missing New York so much, and honestly can't wait to go back sometime soon hopefully!

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