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Published on 12 July 2018 at 17:51

After my crazy few days inTokyo we kept travelling around Japan. We went back to Kobe and I got the change to take the high speed bullit train, called the 'Nozomi', to Kyoto. I'm in love with Kyoto, it has so much culture and tradition to offer, it's  very overwhelming.

While there I visited the famous bamboo forrest of Arashiyama. I defintely discovered the more nature side of Japan these days.

We went back to Nagasaki as well, where I took time to go to the 'Peace Park' and visited the museum of the bomb. It silenced me, such a devastating event. 

After spending almost three weeks in Japan, we left for Vancouver. A Pacific crossing that will take us ten days at sea. Never again!

Japan has taught so much. It's been my favorite country in Asia during my travels. The mixcture between culture, tradition, religion and the future is breathtaking. We can all learn from the Japanese, especially when it comes to resepct for one another. I can't wait to revisit this amazing country! 

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