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Published on 11 July 2018 at 00:51

After one of our singers got injured we had to do some late night reblocking rehearsals. 

Mean while we started our fist week in Japan. I travelled to Kyoto where I visited the Fushimi Inari and saw a light show at one of Kyoto's most famous castles; the Nijojo castle. 

We got to Japan right in time to still catch the end of the Cherry Blossom season, such beauty!

The day after I woke up very very early to take a train to Osaka where I found my way to the Dotombori and I ate the cities specialties; okonomayaki and takoyaki. If you ever get the change to taste these delicous meals, please do!

We premiered our reblocked show of Boogie Wonderland and we're headed to Tokyo, which is te topic of my next vlog!


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