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Published on 27 December 2017 at 06:20

We drove down to San Fransisco, known for it's LGBT community within the USA. But also known for the Golden Gate Bridge, on which I tried to conquer my fear of heights, and the largest Chinatown of the country. It was chilly, but as a Dutchie I'm pretty used to the cold. Plus we had a great, warm hotel to stay in. It was a speedy visit but I'm really happy I got to experience some of the San Fran vibes. The city feels much more compact than LA, which is massively spread out. On the way back we got some 'In 'n Out' burgers, which is the most famous burger place in Califonia. For those who will ever try, they have a secret menu toppings called 'Animal Style', I strongly recommend to try it! 

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