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Revolution Of Love -a tribute to Madonna

Published on 29 October 2015 at 20:00

A performance inspired and dedicated to Madonna.

Revolution Of Love

- A Tribute To Madonna - 

 Being a huge Madonna fan for a long time I was inspired by her so much that I decided to create a tribute performance. The first showing was back in July (09-07-2015) but I was not satisfied, and first of all I lost the footage so I had a proper reason to do it all over again. I am fascinated by Madonna's ways of re-inventing herself, over and over. This is why she is one of a kind. I admire her for using her position to address equality, sexism, feminism and even politics. I began digging more into Madonna, reading interviews, books and watching a ton of live performances. It's not the first time that I studied Madonna. With her "Revolution Of Love" short film I was taken. Madonna believes in a utopia where I can find myself in. And love is the solution to get there. A world where everybody is treated equally.


Madonna remains one of worlds biggest stars because she has proven herself over and over there's no other place for her than her throne. She is a powerful woman with a strong voice. Her "Revolution Of Love" project spoke to me and to honour that idea I named my project after hers. This project/performance is an end result of a 6 months long process and research I did on Madonna. I hope for those who read this and watched the video you will look at it slidely different. Madonna is my inspiration; musically, visually, conceptionally and choreographically. I tried to stay true to Madonna's performance genre and appereance on stage but I did not copy to copy.  In all its glory it’s obviously a pure form of entertainment, but I ask you to look further. I hope you enjoy(-ed) watching this video.

There can only be one Queen. And that's Madonna, Bitch!

Lots of love,
Wouter Vertogen


Special Thanks To

ArtEZ, Institute for the Arts

Bram ArtEZ (technician/advisor)

Enrico Meijer (technician)

Hellen Boyko (camera)

Caspar Knops (camera)

Liese Wessels (photo editing)

Daniëlle Töre (costume design)

Barbara Carlos (dancer)


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