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The B Project

Published on 7 July 2016 at 20:00


Following the release of her 6th studio album 'Lemonade', I decided to create a Beyonce medley which included over 13 different Beyonce songs.

Choreographically I used elements of her tour performances and music videos.

The 7/11 part credits go to Parris Goebel, whom's choreographies always inspired me. To me she is a huge inspiration.

That said I want to thank ArtEZ, Institute for the Arts, to give me once again a stage for my work.


Alice Gioria

Camilla Branchetti

Chiara Aldorisio

Elisa Eicker

Eszra Schoonheim

Federica Panariello

Ian Yves Ancheta

Johanna Schweer

Keren-or Ben Shahar

Malene Olsen

Malika Berney

Wouter Vertogen


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